We provide full and part time day care for children from 3 months up to 5 years of age.

Our approach to learning.whatwedo

There are seven areas of learning and development with the EYFS. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected. There are three prime areas which are crucial for igniting curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in children.

These three areas are:

• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Personal, social and emotional development

These prime areas are also fundamental in supporting children to form relationships and thrive as well as building their capacity to learn.

In addition to the three prime areas we will also be supporting the children’s development in four specific areas. These areas are:
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

Supporting children in these areas allows the prime areas to be applied and strengthened. We provide activities and experiences for children incorporating all seven areas of learning.

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Food & Nutrition
A good diet is essential for happy, well developed, healthy children. Therefore, we offer well planned meals that use fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Our menus are varied and all the food is freshly prepared daily in our own newly refurbished 5 Start Rated Hygiene kitchen by our resident cook.

From September 2016 all meals and snacks will be included in fees. (Excludes baby milk).
We cater for most dietary needs avoiding any allergies as defined by you.
Younger babies will be given the milk and weaning food you have provided, at times that suit their individual needs. Filtered drinking water is available for all children at all times.
Mealtimes are important in the Nursery, the children have the same food and eat together at the tables in the playrooms. This is a great opportunity to encourage the tasting of new flavours and enjoying the social side of mealtimes.

Regular reports

Additionally, we also know that you are very busy and a catch up every day for you may not be possible.
Therefore, we will send regular reports home either printed or by email so that when you get time to yourself
you can catch up on what has happened at the nursery. We can even send photos of your child’s activity that day. We can also let you know what your child has had to eat that day, how much sleep they have had and what learning and fun they have enjoyed.

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